I chose to include the following pages, the two movie transcripts as well as a short list of names mostly for referential reasons. They are part of this work, actually they were the very beginning of it, and should not be ignored.

The transcript of Bakshi’s movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (1978) is incomplete as I disregarded the part of the movie following the DVD chapter 24, as Bakshi’s narration leaves Tolkien’s first volume and goes on to tell the story of ‘The Two Towers’.

The transcript of Jackson’s movie is a complete transcript of the extended DVD version as published in Germany. A few scenes were added to the better known cinematic version of the movie and very few other lines were cut from it.

I present these transcripts with both the English and the German spoken dialogue next to each other indicating as completely as was possible, the place of action but otherwise disregarding the visual part of the movie. I also indicated the chapters of the DVDs and, in blue colour, lines Spoken in languages other than English or German, giving the subtitles to those lines, where Jackson chose to include them. The Elvish lines not subtitled are given with translations, wherever I could find them.

The third appendix is a list of names, places and a few other words from Tolkien’s book, that were translated or changed. This means, e.g. that while ‘Frodo’ is not in the list, as he is called ‘Frodo’ in every German version, his surname ‘Baggins’ is, as he is called ‘Beutlin’ by every translator. Here I present the original names By Tolkien next to Carroux’ rendition of those names and, wherever different, Krege’s version of the same names. In a few cases the Bakshi translator also changed a name or two. Fröhlich, however, did not.

Appendix A - Partial transcript of 'The lord of the Rings' (1978)
Appendix B - Transcript of 'Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring' (2001)
Appendix C - List of retranslated names and places

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