1.11Typographical errors

I only mention these few typographical errors by both Carroux and Krege without trying to judge them in any way. Going through the material I came upon them and include them here for the sake of completeness.

Tolkien names the gatekeeper in Bree ‘Harry’. Carroux changes that name into the German ‘Heinrich’. Although Krege keeps this change, the name is only once typed as ‘Heinrich’ in Krege’s version and at least twice as ‘Heinric<h’ (sic!) (K 204, K 233), a very unusual error indeed.

Other mistakes involve German capital letters:

K 222«Vielleicht kommen Sie aus Bree heraus, und man lässt sie unbehelligt ziehen, ...»

C 310«Du warst bleich und kalt, und sie fürchteten, sie seiest tot oder noch etwas Schlimmeres.»

These are very certainly typographical errors. Krege would probably not really mix up ‘Sie’ and ‘sie’, as Carroux would not really mix up ‘sie’ and ‘du’. Carroux has some more problems with Middle-earth geography as she spells the ‘Emyn Muil’ wrong twice. Once as ‘Emyn Muid’ on C 537 and once as ‘Emyn Muir’ on C 551.

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